Clerkship Information Teleseminar – Audio

Many thanks to those of you who participated in yesterday’s clerkship information teleseminar!

I’m thrilled to share with you audio of the teleseminar in case you missed it yesterday. Although we stopped recording during the Q&A period at the end, I’m still happy to answer any questions that you have about judicial clerkships and the clerkship application process. Post your questions in the comments here for all to see (there are probably others who want the same information) or e-mail us separately ( if you would like a private response.

Don’t suffer through the stress of the clerkship application process by yourself. Let us walk with you. Call on Judicial Clerk Review for all of your clerkship application needs. We provide all of our clients assurances of quality and confidentiality. E-mail us ( for more information.


At Judicial Clerk Review (JCR), we provide tailored support to law students and lawyers in applying for judicial clerkships. JCR offers a multi-level review and revision of written application materials and mock interviews. E-mail us today ( for a FREE consultation.


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