FREE! Clerkship Information Teleseminar

Join us on Tuesday, August 27, at noon for a one-hour FREE! clerkship information teleseminar.
Clerkship application season is upon us. Judges have posted for the 2015-2016 term already. Get a jump on the action with this one-hour, info-packed telephone session about judicial clerkships. We’ll talk about whether and how to apply for clerkships, the most common application mistakes, preparing for the clerkship interview, and more. We’ll also answer your questions. Send us your questions beforehand at to ensure we get to yours.
E-mail us at with Clerkship Teleseminar in the subject line to register and receive the call-in information.


At Judicial Clerk Review (JCR), we provide tailored support to law students and lawyers in applying for judicial clerkships. JCR offers a multi-level review and revision of written application materials and mock interviews. E-mail us today ( for a FREE consultation.


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