Independence Day Clerkship Special!!

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Judicial Clerk Review is thrilled to announce our first Clerkship Special in honor of the United States’ 237th Day of Independence.

The legal profession, especially these days, can feel like a series of ancient gladiator contests as attorneys fight to the near-death within law firms and elsewhere just to remain on the payroll. There is a sanctuary – judicial clerkships.

Don’t think you have what it takes to be a law clerk? If you made it through law school, you are capable. If you have studied or are studying for the Bar, you are driven. If you decided to be a lawyer despite all of the unsolicited advice from your loved ones and random strangers, you are a maverick. You have the qualities that judges want to see. You just have to show them your best self.

We can help you to avoid the discard pile by perfecting your written clerkship application materials – your cover letter, resume, and writing sample. We can help you to prevent a gaffe during interviews by walking you through a mock clerkship interview and providing concrete feedback for improvement.

Let’s work together in honor of this country’s independence to secure your independence from the drudgery. Contact me at to learn more about our Clerkship Special. Happy 4th!


At Judicial Clerk Review (JCR), we provide tailored support to law students and lawyers in applying for judicial clerkships. JCR offers a multi-level review and revision of written application materials and mock interviews. E-mail us today ( for a FREE consultation.


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