New Federal Clerkship Positions

I just got my regular e-mail update from OSCAR (the Online System for Clerkship Application and Review). It looks as though there are at least five federal judges in different parts of the country who are seeking law clerks to start this year, 2013. If you are a law student or lawyer looking for a clerkship and haven’t yet registered for OSCAR, make sure you do so right away. There’s no harm in registering. Even with the viability of the Federal Law Clerk Hiring Plan up in the air right now, OSCAR is still a valuable tool to familiarize yourself with judges in all of the federal courts, except the U.S. Supreme Court. Registering also allows you to monitor new clerkship positions that are posted and to see what application materials judges are requesting.


At Judicial Clerk Review (JCR), we provide tailored guidance and support to law students and lawyers who are interested in applying for judicial clerkships. JCR offers a multi-level review and revision of written application materials. We also conduct mock interviews, assessing clients’ performance during the mock interview and giving feedback for improvement. We assign all of our clients an attorney reviewer who provides one-on-one assistance throughout the application process, and our senior editing team makes sure that clients’ applications are ready for submission. Prevent your application from being overlooked or discarded. E-mail us today ( for a FREE consultation.


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