Newly-confirmed Judge Grimm may be seeking law clerks

On December 3, the Senate voted 92-1 to confirm Paul William Grimm to the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.

Many judges who are confirmed to the bench have a team of support they take with them, especially when they are coming from another judicial position.  Other judges, however, with the uncertainty that is judicial confirmations and the unpredictable and possibly lengthy timelines between nomination and confirmation, begin looking for law clerks immediately after they are confirmed.

Judge Grimm has been a U.S. Magistrate Judge for the very same court he is now serving, so it is likely he has his law clerks and support in place.  However, Article III District Court judges may be allotted more funding to hire more law clerks than their magistrate judge counterparts can hire.  It is possible that Judge Grimm will be seeking an additional law clerk or two to begin immediately.  Judicial clerkship applicants should continue to monitor OSCAR and even contact Judge Grimm’s chambers to determine whether he is hiring to fill an immediate need.


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