Another Law Clerk Job Opening, and a Growing Trend.

The Central District Court of California in Los Angeles is seeking a term Law Clerk.  This law clerk will answer to the Chief Magistrate Judge but will support the needs of the full Court.  The position announcement can be found here.

The Court is explicit in its direction that only those applicants who are Bar certified and have prior legal experience, preferably in litigation, will be given serious consideration.  The Court is part of a growing trend – more and more courts and judges are seeking experienced attorneys to serve as law clerks and in staff attorney positions, which can require the attorneys to work with several members of a court on several different matters at once.

Remember that if you are applying for judicial clerkships, Judicial Clerk Review can assist you through the arduous clerkship application process.  These days, law students and lawyers who are applying for judicial clerkships face very stiff competition.  As such, they must have stellar academic credentials, impressive professional backgrounds, and an uncanny ability to knock a judge’s socks off, so to speak, in an interview.  At Judicial Clerk Review, we are committed to helping you prepare (


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