Law Clerk Position – Montana Court Hiring

The state of Montana is HIRING a law clerk to serve for the Honorable Dirk Sandefur.

The position description can be found here. Applicants may apply online and must submit a cover letter, resume, transcripts, and writing sample.

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Arizona Supreme Court approves law schools’ request to let 3Ls take the bar

Sure enough, the Arizona Supreme Court has allowed the state’s law schools to pilot a program, beginning in January 2013, that revises the law school curriculum so that students in their third and final year of law school can take the Bar exam prior to graduation.

The National Law Journal’s coverage of the decision is here.  On paper, I think it makes a lot of sense.  We’ll have to wait for the 2015 report to see how it plays out on a practical level.  See this previous post with more particulars about the program.

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Newly-confirmed Judge Grimm may be seeking law clerks

On December 3, the Senate voted 92-1 to confirm Paul William Grimm to the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.

Many judges who are confirmed to the bench have a team of support they take with them, especially when they are coming from another judicial position.  Other judges, however, with the uncertainty that is judicial confirmations and the unpredictable and possibly lengthy timelines between nomination and confirmation, begin looking for law clerks immediately after they are confirmed.

Judge Grimm has been a U.S. Magistrate Judge for the very same court he is now serving, so it is likely he has his law clerks and support in place.  However, Article III District Court judges may be allotted more funding to hire more law clerks than their magistrate judge counterparts can hire.  It is possible that Judge Grimm will be seeking an additional law clerk or two to begin immediately.  Judicial clerkship applicants should continue to monitor OSCAR and even contact Judge Grimm’s chambers to determine whether he is hiring to fill an immediate need.

“Kissing Judge” in the Philippines granted clemency by the Supreme Court

In international law clerk news, the Philippines Supreme Court in Manila has granted clemency to naughty boy Judge Hermin Arceo.  The Filipino judge had been released of his duties in 1996 after his then 29-year-old female clerk filed a complaint against him alleging that he sexually harassed her as well as female witnesses and other female employees.  In its 1996 opinion relieving Judge Arceo of his judicial duties, the Supreme Court included the Investigator’s detailed description of Judge Arceo’s bad behavior, which primarily targeted his clerk and his stenographer and included physical sexual assault and sexually suggestive behavior.  To wit:

  • he once invited his stenographer into his private office and, when she arrived, he stood in front of her wearing only his underwear;
  • he repeatedly pressed his bottom half against his clerk as she was walking out of the office door
  • he made a lewd sexual gesture to his clerk in front of her fiance;
  • he repeatedly kissed female employees against their will;
  • he showed a sexually explicit film to female employees in chambers and teased them about it;
  • he wrote his clerk a long and sexually explicit love poem;
  • he locked his clerk in his office and forced himself on her though she ultimately fought him off of her;

The Supreme Court dismissed Judge Arceo from the bench for “gross misconduct and immorality prejudicial to the best interests of the service” and barred him from future government service.

Last week, Judge Arceo, now 71, was granted clemency and may return to government service.  There is no word in the article of the whereabouts or well-being of the former clerk who was brave enough to come forward on her own behalf and on behalf of her female co-workers.  I’m hopeful that she is doing well and that Judge Arceo will exercise good judgment and refrain from seeking another seat on the court.  What do you think?

Another Law Clerk Job Opening, and a Growing Trend.

The Central District Court of California in Los Angeles is seeking a term Law Clerk.  This law clerk will answer to the Chief Magistrate Judge but will support the needs of the full Court.  The position announcement can be found here.

The Court is explicit in its direction that only those applicants who are Bar certified and have prior legal experience, preferably in litigation, will be given serious consideration.  The Court is part of a growing trend – more and more courts and judges are seeking experienced attorneys to serve as law clerks and in staff attorney positions, which can require the attorneys to work with several members of a court on several different matters at once.

Remember that if you are applying for judicial clerkships, Judicial Clerk Review can assist you through the arduous clerkship application process.  These days, law students and lawyers who are applying for judicial clerkships face very stiff competition.  As such, they must have stellar academic credentials, impressive professional backgrounds, and an uncanny ability to knock a judge’s socks off, so to speak, in an interview.  At Judicial Clerk Review, we are committed to helping you prepare (

Law Clerk Job Opening!

Justice David E. Nahmias, who was appointed to the Georgia Supreme Court in 2010, is seeking a law clerk to begin work next summer.  Unlike this judge, Justice Nahmias will be paying his law clerk.  The position announcement can be found here.  And remember, anytime you are applying for judicial clerkships, call on Judicial Clerk Review to be your concierge through the clerkship application process.

A novel concept: Law school graduates ready to practice law, and serve as law clerks

Students taking the Bar examination

Students taking the Bar examination

All three Arizona law schools have joined together to request that the Arizona Supreme Court allow them to modify the third-year law school curriculum for those students who opt in.  The modifications would allow third-year law students to take the Bar exam in February of their final semester of law school instead of after they graduate.  January and February of 3L year thus would consist of Bar preparation courses, and March, April, and May would consist of career preparation courses that provide practical experience, including clinic programs, externships, and courses designed to teach such things as law practice management.This sounds to me like a win-win-win-win. Law students get Bar preparation as part of their tuition-paid law school education and they leave law school actually ready to practice law. Law schools get to boast to recruits of this cutting-edge program that has a solid foundation in common sense and they would likely be able to report an increase in the number of students who leave law school with a job.  Law firms and practitioners would have a larger pool of well-trained candidates from which to choose.  Bar exam preparation course providers would be able to align themselves with law schools, a guaranteed source of revenue, to provide the January-February Bar preparation courses directly to the school rather than charging individual students.This also might help law students to obtain judicial clerkships.  More and more, judges are looking for law clerks who have some experience as practicing attorneys.  As proposed, the modified 3L curriculum would provide at least some of the practical experience that judges and other employers value.Reducing the three-year law school timeframe has support from lawyers and law students all over the spectrum who have argued that the third year of law school is unnecessary.  One thing that lends credibility to the argument is that law school is not the end of the story for the majority of law school graduates who intend to practice.  After three years in law school, students must begin anew to learn a dense set of state-specific concepts in order to pass the Bar.  Folding this last part of the legal education trajectory into three years of law school would be a good step toward streamlining legal education and graduating students who are ready, immediately upon graduation, to be lawyers.