Texas Judge Who Beat His Daughter Returns to the Bench. What of his law clerks?

On Wednesday, Judge William Adams of Arkansas County in Texas returned to the bench after serving a one-year suspension for beating his daughter and simultaneously shouting expletives at her.  Judge Adams’s daughter secretly recorded the beating in 2004 and released the video recently.  Judge Adams was angry with his daughter for illegally downloading digital files from the Internet.  He is an elected judge and his term will expire in 2014.

William Adams

I am curious about (1) whether, if the county court judges hire law clerks, Judge Adams had law clerks when he first was suspended from the bench one year ago; (2) what happened to those law clerks; and (3) whether he is in the process of hiring law clerks right now.  I also wonder whether this will affect the number and/or quality of clerkship applications he receives in the future in a negative or positive way.


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