All About Judicial Clerkships

Let me reiterate – I loved my clerkship experiences and am loving them still what with all of the benefits that I continue to see.  Simply put, I’m a great lawyer thanks in large part to my clerkships and my judges.  In no other job do attorneys have a chance to see, from a judge’s perspective, how the judiciary operates – what goes into deciding a summary judgment motion, how to factor in a criminal defendant‘s background and history in sentencing decisions, and how to ensure that the entire process is fair to all involved, no matter what your personal feelings might be.  The irony is that judges must remove their personal judgment in order to render legal judgments.  Technically speaking.

But I won’t put everything I know about clerkships in this one post.  I’ll spare you that…for now.  😉  Take this poll and share with me your thoughts about clerkships.

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